2 Years
4 Semesters




The goal of the National Diploma in Accountancy is to produce a technician level manpower who can effectively perform a range of functions in the field of Accountancy.

The objectives of the ND Accountancy are to:

·   Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the financial operations of different types of business.

·   Assist in the collection and integration of basic financial data for use in investment decisions.

·   Prepare final accounts of business.

·   Assist in the preparation of short and long term budget plans;

·   Collect and collate relevant financial information to aid superior officers and management in making financial decisions.

·   Interpret some basic ratio, statistical and financial data.

·   Carry out a preliminary survey and feasibility studies.

·   Understand the principles of financial accounting and their application to business situations.


The main essence of polytechnic education is to promote technical and vocational training and enhance the transfer of technology for the economic development of the country. Ajayi polytechnic’s Philosophy, Vision, Mission and objectives are tandem with the national philosophy and objectives of technical education in Nigeria. However. Ajayi Polytechnic (Govt. Approved) was founded to provide necessary training and appropriate skills that will make an individual to be self-reliant or be gainfully employed. PHILOSOPHY Ajayi Polytechnic will provide improvement in technical education through consistent research and development, innovations and regular contact with other institutions and organization globally. VISION To raise giants and produce skilled technicians and managers who are entrepreneurially driven. MISSION Ajayi Polytechnic is focused on providing our graduates with technical and managerial skills that will make them sought after in their chosen fields and grooming them to ultimately set up their own entrepreneurial organization in future. INTRODUCTION Ajayi Polytechnic was established and approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria and National Board of Technical Education (NBTE) on May, 2017. The objectives of the Polytechnic include: To train and produce giants who will be able to develop the skills needed for promoting business based on technology. To provide trained workforce in the field of business, applied science, engineering and technology To provide necessary technical knowledge and skills for the nation’s agriculture, industrial, commercial and economic development. To provide required training and skills that will equip the students to be enterprising and realize his/her self-worth. To provide necessary training and appropriate vocational skills that will make the individual to be self-reliant, gainfully employed or as an employer of labour/job creator To provide improvement in technical education through consistent research and development and regular contact with other institutions and organization globally.